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Duo Calambur’s latest project, Alterändra, seeks to create a sound portrait of a specific venue. The concept is a tailor-made performance, combining live and pre-recorded music, shaping a unique sound experience.
To begin, the duo records the sound of the venue itself, capturing ambient noise as well as improvised music inspired by the architecture and acoustic properties of the space. This recording serves as the primary material for the creation of both the pre-recorded soundtrack and the live compositions that will be performed during the show.
During the live performance, the duo also incorporates further improvisations, reacting to the sound of the venue in real-time. This creates a dynamic, responsive performance that is never exactly the same.
To complete the piece, Duo Calambur carefully selects and arranges compositions from other composers to highlight the space and to place their instruments in new sonorous contexts. The result is a seamless blend of musical styles, capturing the essence of the space and the duo’s unique musical vision.
What makes Alterändra particularly intriguing is its potential to be exported and performed in other spaces. By recording the sound of the venue and creating a pre-recorded soundtrack, the duo can recreate the performance in other locations, adapting the improvisations to fit the new space.


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